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How to Promote Baby and Toddler Through Pretend Play

Imaginative or dramatic play is a form of game in which toddlers can try on multiple roles. It can include pretend play or dressing up — any from cruising on a carton boat to preparing food an imaginary dinner to wearing costumes and “going to work.”

Toys such as play meals, miniatures, cars, and dress-up clothes can all encourage imaginative play. However, they are not required — in fact, using simple objects with no special reasons pushes kids to identify more imaginatively. A tray of foliage can represent a bowl of soup; a laundry bag can represent an aeroplane; and a pile of cushions can represent a mountain. Furthermore, your child’s social discovery can begin long before she can imagine themselves as an educator or a soccer player. Simply having back-and-forth interactions with your baby allows babies to experiment with different roles in society.


Because pretend play with your baby is important, it is best to begin when they are young, preferably before the age of one year. So, let’s take a look at how you can encourage your babies to play imaginatively.

Infants and younger young kids may not be able to imagine themselves as a crocodile or a dentist. They could indeed, however, engage in social play and exercise carrying on various roles. Have fun interactions with your baby and encourage him or her to explore various items in their environment. As a baby approaches her/his first birthday, begin modelling the behavior and actions and she/he will learn as a young child, such as incorporating oneself to newcomers and sharing toys.

Communication through Interaction.

Try to mimic your child’s voices, or converse with her and allow her to respond. She may respond by screaming, babbling, shifting her legs or arms, and ultimately laughing.

Encourage Experimentation.

Allow your child to safely explore and discover age-appropriate toys of various dimensions, shades, and fabrics. Newborns who aren’t yet movable can enjoy on their tummies or in a high chair, while older children can crawl or sail over to various toys.

Play Action Music.

Songs and rhymes like Walking Walking – walking walking hop hop running now let’s stop – this song can encourage children to take part in the activity with their corresponding reaction. Your baby will mimic your movements and eventually feel the pleasure.

Be Your Kid’s Model. 

You can begin modelling the behavioral traits you want your child to mimic around the age of 12 months. For example, when your toddler meets a new partner at the park, you can start introducing him by saying, “Hi, my name is Justin.” “Would you like to play with me?”

Take Turns Playing a Role.

Play turn-taking gameplay with your young toddler to teach her how to share. Perform with lorries and ask to swap cars mid-game, or take it in turns straightening each other’s curls with a brush or clip.

There are numerous interaction activities you can engage in with your toddler to encourage the development of their imagination. Furthermore, using these pretend toys will make your life easier: 

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